Raised Pinay: Women of the Philippines and America Rock Their Story


I never saw a Filipino painting. Never heard of any celebrity from the area other than a boxer. Never watched Tagalog on anything other than subtitles on pirated DVDs in Pakistan. I was not raised a Pinoy. Did not even know what that was. But through a performance in a small room that contained about 100 audience members sitting on foldable chairs, I saw one such piece of art come to life. Through Raised Pinay, I don’t know the spectrum of Filipino sentiment. But I now know fourteen more Filipino stories.


In A Sad Week for Karachi, A Hero Gives a Ray of Hope


It goes without saying, but the news coming out of Karachi this week has been disheartening. Across the globe, the Pakistani people–being judged on individual merit is a luxury less affluent nations cannot afford–had to face charges of incompetence, corruption, and the worst ill to ever befall a society: apathy. But amidst all the despair, there was a story we didn’t hear: the story of a true mentor, who taught his pupils the greatest lesson of all.